Growing Healthy Hair

One of our most distinct and unique features is our hair. With a simple haircut or modification to the style/color, we can alter our look. Likewise, having weak, damaged hair versus long, strong hair makes a major difference in your look. We all know that friend who looks like they could have just stepped out … Continue reading “Growing Healthy Hair”

3 Things to Know about Tanning

Some of us are naturally blessed with tanned skin, no matter the season. Then, there are people like me who are tanned in the summer, but the second the winter rolls around, I return to my pale self. If you are not the lucky breed that is continuously tanned or living in warm areas, then … Continue reading “3 Things to Know about Tanning”

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

  The first week of January is coming to a close end. The hype of New Years is coming to a slow halt. Everyone stops making the mistake of writing 2016 on papers and becomes comfortable with writing 2017. You gradually fall back into your work routine and continue 2017 as 2016. What happened to … Continue reading “5 Ways to Stay Motivated”